January 2009 • Skype × ASUS

The first video-calling focused home appliance

Announced at CeBIT 2009 and years ahead of the video-calling home appliance revival with Amazon's Alexa Show and Facebook's portal, I was the sole interaction designer for the Asus EEE Videophone AiGuru SV-1, the original entry into the hardware video calling market.

Focusing on a core persona of a less technically-savvy user, likely to be a parent or grandparent, the team and I built a ground-up embedded Linux interface that made the use of the prevalent hardware at the time.

The challenges of keeping things as simple and plug-and-play as possible while masking a Linux kernel underneath were fun to address, not to mention how much we learned from Asus about hardware design, acoustic modelling and a circuit-board level detail of the screens we designed for.


Jaak Parik
Oliver Reitalu
Tero Hurskainen
Helen Blackburn
Mo Ladha